Spring School UTFSM 2014:

Modelling and Control of Complex Physical Systems: The Port-Hamiltonian Approach

The course will be held between October 27-29, 2014 at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Valparaiso, Chile. The course will be divided into 4 modules, it possesses an introductory level and is directed to students in engineering, physics and applied mathematics with interest in control:

- M1: Port Hamiltonian models of open and dissipative physical systems (B. Maschke)

- M2: Passivity based control of PHS and IPHS (H. Ramirez and D. Sbarbaro)

- M3: Control of distributed port-Hamiltonian system (Y. Le Gorrec and H. Ramirez)

- M4: PHS associated with discrete conservation laws (B. Maschke)

The course does not have specific prerequisites and the modules may be followed independently.

The school is open to students, academics and the industry at no cost. However, registration is required. Lectures will be given IN ENGLISH.

- Eduardo Cerpa, Department of Mathematics, UTFSM
- Juan I. Yuz, Department of Electronic Engineering, UTFSM
- Hector Ramirez, University of Franche-Comté, France


Please look in the right menu for more information. If you need more information, please send an email to Professor Juan Yuz, juan.yuz_at_usm.cl.

Registration: Ms. Sabrina Rodriguez, sabrina.rodriguez_at_usm.cl.