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Confirmed Attendants

The list with the participants in LACONEU2012 is here included

Name Country Background
Yudi Daza Caro Colombia Physics
Ezequiel Martin Salido Argentina Medical
Constantino Dragisevic Chile Physics
Carlos Carvajal Chile Electronics Engineering
Emily Wiecek USA Vision Science
Rodrigo Cofré Chile Computational Biology
Alejandra Vásquez Chile Neuroscience
Walter Bast Argentina Physics
Iván Gareis Argentina Bioengineering
César Ravello Chile Biology
Felipe Núnez Chile Engineering
Héctor Urbina Chile Bioinformatics
Rocío Mayol Chile Psichology
Alan Astudillo Chile Biomedical Engineering
Eduardo Pedraja Uruguay Science Biology
Christ Devia Chile Electrical Engineering
Juan Mariman Chile Neuroscience
Pablo Burgos Chile Biomedical Sciences
Alana Firl USA Vision Science
Mauricio Cerda Chile Computational Neuroscience
Fernando Rosas Chile Mathematics
Alexander Cerquera Colombia Neuroscience
Francoise Díaz Colombia Biomedical Engineer
Mercedes Bengochea Argentina Biological Sciences
Danilo Pezo Chile Mathematical Engineering
María Eugenia Lopez Argentina Physiology
Cristóbal Nettle Chile Electronics Engineering
Joaquín Araya Chile Biology