MODI: MODular Intelligence

MODI (MODular Intelligence) is an Open-Hardware sensorless mobile robot based on Arduino and originally conceived to be used in applications of swarm robotics. One of the main features of MODI is that its chassis, fully made on a 3D printer, holds all the electronic parts without needing any holding device.

MODI was developed by Sebastián Sáez in collaboration with María-José Escobar, Juan-Cristóbal Zagal (Universidad de Chile) and Pablo Prieto (UTFSM).

MODI is an Open-Hardware and Open-Software development that can be accessed by GitHub:

MODI GitHub Website

ABFilter library

INRIA CeCILL C open-source license (2011)

This library is available in order to help the implementation of spatiotemporal filtering in video sequences. Specifically, this library implements the physiological plausible filters proposed by Adelson and Bergen (1985)(*).

The ABFilter library is based on the creation of entities that could be associated to neurons. Each entity is an ABFilter instance that has assigned a spatial location in the input video. Besides the spatial location, an ABFilter instance should also have associated a location in the spatial-temporal frequency space.


(*) Adelson, E. and L. Bergen: 1985, Spatiotemporal energy models for the perception of motion. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, volume 2, pp 284-299.